Some solutions I have worked on

Heartland Toolkit

Over the years dozens of separate web based tools were developed at this client. Each of these tools requiring the user to navigate to a different URL to locate the tool they wished to utilize.

The Heartland Toolkit provided an intuitive interface to multiple applications of one, unified portal. Additional features where added such as: software user guides, multi-city weather and wind speed reports, searchable static lists of server information, and frequent contacts.


  • Responsive Design
  • Modular Forms
  • Enhanced UX
  • Unified Navigation

DataTables Experiment

This is an experiment pulling information from a table on a Database and displaying it to the user after being processed by a jQuery plugin called DataTables.js

This demo is live on the server and can be viewed here with more detail:
PHP MySQLi / Datatables Demo


  • PHP MySQLi Query
  • Server-side HTML generation
  • Client-side display generation